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Methodist Mountain Mission

Over 80 years ago, a mission among the mountain people of Eastern Kentucky began with a vision of a young minister in  a 

Methodist Church in Jackson, Ky.  Among its purposes was to 1)make available to the people of the area good usable clothing

and household items, moderately priced, which the residents of the area could afford,  2) provide a source of employment

for the people of the area and 3) be involved in the spiritual growth of the people in the community through the financial

support of Methodist churches.  

Today there are eight opportunity stores in eight small towns in Eastern Kentucky!  These stores rely on donations from

United Methodist Churches throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Donations of clothing, household items and 

furniture are collected at the churches and the organizations two trucks run routes three times a year to each church to gather them.

The organization has warehouses where employees sort and pack goods for the stores.  The warehouses and stores provide

employment for the area.

Centenary participates in February, June and October.  Items must be boxed or bagged and contents must be marked.  Goods are 

collected in our Upper Gym.