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Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an old organization that serves in many cities in the United States.  Many people associate the Salvation

Army with the red kettles that hang outside of retail shops during the holidays.  But this organization is much more.  Examples of

assistance provided include:

1) assistance with past due bills  2) serving warm meals and providing groceries 3) providing spiritual program and guidance

4) providing youth programs for school aged children and 5) Holiday specific assistance


At Centenary, we participate several Saturday's in December by providing bell ringers  at the Red Kettles outside  local grocery

stores.  Families and individuals alike sign up for hour shifts and compete to raise the most money for the day.  We also participate

in Toy Town by collecting new toys to be disbursed to parents and guardians at the toy shop before Christmas.  This allows children

in families that are struggling to meet the basic needs to have a better Christmas.