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United Methodist Youth Home

The United Methodist Youth Home is located in Evansville Indiana.  It has been in service over forty years providing programs 

for at-risk youth to become responsible and productive members of the community.  Through its residential, day education and 

truancy intervention programs, youth are turning their lives around and getting an education and eventual job in the community.

The residential program currently houses 8 females and 8 males in different structures and  assists youth having dysfunctional 

family situation, substance abuse, truancy issues or social issues.  The Day Education program assists  at-risk youth who are 

struggling at their home schools and need assistance  obtaining their GED.  The truancy intervention program is a home, school 

and community based intervention program to prevent truancy and improve academic success.


This summer we collected school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, pens, paint, markers and art canvases to be used 

in the Day Education program.